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A bustling seaside village calling adventure, brimming with stories, and ever concealing secrets. · By Stuart Watkinson


Recent updates

Artwork (the sketches)
Hey folks, The art is almost done. Sam Wannan's amazing work is coming together. They'll be scanned and tidied up a little over the coming days and then the lay...
and here is the cover art... Wrap-around cover art by Sam Wannan This is by South Australian artist Sam Wannan and it is brilliant. Sam has been excellent to wo...
First dev edits done !
First dev edits are done! It's been sent back to get a once (or twice) over and then I will update it here for you all. Here's a tiny sneak peek:...
Update: Editing Mode
Hi all, This is just a little update on the progress of Largshire. I am about 50% done with editing now. Come commission work, an injury, and catching COVID hav...
Initial Funding is done!
We did it! The initial funding is complete! What does this mean? Well... It means there will definitely be a print book. It means that next week I start working...
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