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What is this?
Dwarves of Renidar is a backstory builder for ttRPGs, ideally fantasy based ones. It was originally made for 5E but can be used for any system. It helps players create a connection to the culture and gods of the Renidari dwarves

What's a Renidari dwarf?
The Renidar Mountains are from my homebrew world. I made em' up. But they can easily be inserted into any fantasy ttRPG. 

Who's this for?
This is for gamemasters and players. For gamemasters it's a quick and handy addition to their game. For player's it helps them build a connection to their character's world. Gives them knowledge of their culture, an understanding of their gods, and even some common sayings.


Buy Now$5.00 AUD or more

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Dwarves of Renidar v1.1 (Continuous).pdf 4 MB
Dwarves of Renidar v1.1.pdf 4 MB

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What's the difference between the continuous and non-continuous  files?

Just the way the files appear in acrobat. Continuous is a continuous scroll. The other flicks between each separate page.