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This is an adventure for 5th Edition It uses the basic rules of that game, which you can access here or here for free.

It is designed for a party of 5 levels 3 to 5 adventurers. However, you can always throw in a few more monsters to make the combat a little more challenging.

All monsters and NPC stat blocks are linked to the DnD Beyond basic f rules, so this will make it super easy to access. Just click on the link and it will open up.

This adventure is not connected to any setting in particular but could fit anywhere. It's your classic far north region where the snow has taken back the land-only the hearty or foolhardy ever make their way here.

You might like this soundtrack while you play. I listened to it while I wrote this.

This was made for #AdventureJam and the title comes from the Random Adventure Title Generator.

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AuthorStuart Watkinson
Tags5e, dnd, Dungeon Crawler, Tabletop role-playing game

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